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Evaporative Cooler Copper

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General Information
Evaporative cooler is also called evaporator, uses the liquid refrigerant, which is easy to evaporate under low pressure and converted to vapor, at mean time absorbing the heat from the medium needed to be cooled, thus accomplish the purpose of cooling. Core tube is normally made from copper tube; expanded copper or expanded aluminum structure is normally applied for fins, which enhance the heat transfer performance of the evaporative cooling coil. Other materials are also available upon request. With specialization in customized design, we can meet the exact end-use requirements for the evaporator cooling coils. 


Field of Application

-HVAC industry
-electronic industry
-pharmaceutical industry
-Industrial and commercial refrigeration

-good heat transfer performance
-compact structure
-long life and safe

Core tube material: copper
Fin material: aluminum, copper
Tube/fin bond: expanded
Tube arrangement: staggered
Core tube external diameter: φ15.88
Core tube wall thickness: 0.75mm
Fin thickness: 0.4mm
Fin spacing: 3mm

Temperature range: 5~30℃


Order Information:
P/N Description: EV-XYZ-N
Note:X should be replaced into CO
Y should be replaced into A, CO
Z should be replaced into EP
N means the power needed

EP- Expanded